1. fail to catch or get, miscalculate, mistime, ill-time; bobble, bungle, goof, muff, slip; let slip through one's fingers, misplace, lose; fail to attain or accomplish, come up short, Sl. blow the chance, Sl. blow, be left at the starting gate, slip up; fail to see or hear, overlook, disregard, give no heed, pass over, let pass by, let come in one ear and go out the other.
2. fail to perform or attend, bow out, take a walk, Inf. turn up missing; absent oneself, skip, forego, stay away, take a raincheck; take French leave, Sl. vamoose, Sl. split.
3. feel nostalgia for, long for, pine for, yearn for, ache for, desiderate; regret, bemoan, lament.
4. escape, flee, evade, avoid; steer clear of, get out of, dodge, sidestep, ward off.
5. fail to perceive, misunderstand, misapprehend, misconstrue, misinterpret, misconceive, get the wrong idea, garble; let one's attention wander, forget, let slip, not enter one's head; fail to grasp.
6. fail, be unsuccessful, lose out, not hack it; Inf. flop, Inf. flunk, Inf. flunk out, Sl. screw up, foul up; fall on one's face, Sl. fall on one's ass, Sl. take a pratfall, come a cropper; Sl. lay an egg, Sl. bomb, go over like a lead balloon; come to nothing or naught, come to grief, fall through, fall flat, fall short; go up in smoke, fizzle out, miscarry, misfire, abort; run aground, go on the rocks, break down.
7. failure, fiasco, flop, Inf. ground-out, fizzle; slip, error, mistake, blunder, Sl. goof-up, Sl. screw-up; omission, oversight, loss, deletion.
young unmarried woman, maiden, virgin; young lady, girl, Sl. girly, schoolgirl; lass, lassie, damsel, demoiselle, Irish Eng. colleen; nymph, nymphet, Sl. teeny-bopper, Sl. bobby-soxer; Inf. gal, coed, Sl. chick, Sl. mouse, Sl. popsy, Brit. Si. bird.

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